Why didn’t you reach your hair goal?!?!?!

Good day loves,

I coming to today to talk about why some of us aren’t making our hair goals. So hopefully we can attempt to get closer to our goals. I made a goal last year to have my hair at bra strap length. That didn’t happen. 😐😔😭. Well I was there then at the end of September beginning of October I got a “dusting”. That “dusting ” took off 4inches of my hair and I didn’t even like the cut after it was done. So I went back to my stylist and had her cut everything that she said needed to be cut because I didn’t have time for every time I go to a stylist they tell me I need a trim. Sadly she was right and I did need the cut but I had it cut into layers at least so it fit the style I was looking for. My hair felt so much better after the cut. Wash day was a breeze and plus I loved the cut. 

Now that I’ve stated why I didn’t reach my hair goal. Let’s go over other reasons why someone may not reach their hair goal. 

  1. Not timing hair as needed
  2. Too much heat
  3. Not enough moisture
  4. Not having a routine 
  5. Cotton pillows 
  6. Tension 
  7. Protective styling 
  8.  Medical reasons

These are some of the main reasons on why you wouldn’t reach your hair goals. If it seems like you have done that and some. Go to a dermatologist to be safe and make sure it’s nothing more serious. 

Let’s make this year be the year we make our hair goals and beyond. If you didn’t make it to your hair goal put in the comment section how you plan on changing it for this year.


What do you want to do with your life?

OMG this is going to be a good one! During this generation this seems to be a real question for some. What career do I want to do? How will I make money? Some know what they have wanted to do since they came out of the womb and others took a little longer. Nothing is wrong with either one. I would love of everyone would be able to do what makes them happy. So let me help those who may need a little bit more or those that are unsure if the track they are on is the right one.

What if I don’t know exactly what I want to do? I want to start off by telling you it’s OK. If you didn’t like school so much or aren’t sure if you want to go back to school, that’s OK too. So the first thing is to think about what you like to do. You can also take a career test that tells you what would fit you best. That test is used just to steer you in a direction where to look. Find out if school is for you. If you don’t like school that much look for a trade.

For those that know or have an idea of what they want to do. Just do it. The worst thing you could do is not try. Don’t let student loans or time hold you back.

At the end of the day. No matter what you decide to do make sure you can live with yourself, be happy, and be great at it.  

Protective styling

I am on a new journey to get my hair back to healthy hair again and protective styling is one of the things I’m doing to get there. It’s also one of the ways I started to go natural.


Senegalese twist (rope twist)

Kinky twist




All of these styles are great and I am going to be using quite a few of them to get to my goal. What is a must is making sure you take care of your hair underneath and don’t leave it in too long.

So what is your favorite protective style?

How I transitioned!

When I first had the thought to go natural I did a trial run first. I went 6 months with no perm and I feel in love with my natural texture of my hair. Even though most of my hair was straight I still loves what those little 6 months showed me. When I permed it after those 6 months the back of my hair broke OFF. I was also going to a change in my life with me moving away to go to college. I had a stylist in my hometown and didnt trust anyone else in my hair.  Ever since then I have not had a perm. And I don’t regret it.

I didn’t feel confident enough to do a big chop. I did mini chops for 3 years. I was always having my hair in twist or sew ins. So I never really saw my hair in that as some say the ugly stage. I had this rule that if I can’t put my hair in a ponytail it was too short. So between my hair styles I would deep condition and of course the line of demarcation the hair would break off. Which I didn’t care about because it was my permed hair and it was coming off anyway. If the style permitted my stylist would cut the perm hair so I was happy.

I will be honest and say that some told me not to go natural because I had what some concerned as bad, nappy, or ugly hair. I knew that I am would I was made to be so I embraced myself and went for it. So here are some photos of me through the years to now. I hope this inspires someone to continue their journey for whatever reason they may have made the decision or inspires someone to start…..

Why should I use this Oil ?

Hello all hope all is well
As mentioned in previous blog I use a hot oil treatment and an oil mix. In this blog I will go into detail about what oils I use and the benefits for each.

Coconut Oil

  • Penetrates Hair shaft
  • Helps with hair loss and dandruff
  • Strengthens hair by adding protein
  • Improves hair elasticity

Olive oil

  • Promotes growth
  • Penetrates hair shaft
  • Strengthens hair
  • Aids in dandruff, frizz, and shine
  • Rich in Vitamin E

Castor oil

  • Thickens hair
  • Increase hair growth
  • Helps improve scalp circulation

Avocado oil

  • Penetrates hair shaft
  • Restore hair
  • Seals in moisture
  • Adds sheens
  • High in Protein

Tree oil

  • Soothes Itchy and dry scalp
  • Adds nourishment to the hair
  • Antibacterial

Vitamin E

  • Increases scalp circulation
  • Helps repair split ends and dry hair
  • Adds sheen to hair

Argan Oil

  • Smooths hair
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Repairs damage done to hair follicles

Jojoba oil

  • Seals in moisture
  • Adds sheen
  • Helps aid in heat damage
  • Aids in scalp circulations
  • Prevent Dandruff


So I use these oils at a variety of times but I STILL USE ALL OF THEM. Let me know how you use these oil or if you use different oils. Until next time……

Why did you go NATURAL?

That is a question that every natural gets asked. So this is my story.

I have been getting perms since I was 7 years old because my ma felt like it would make my hair more manageable. My hair was long and thick of course before the perms and for a while it stayed long permed but it didn’t last.  It started to break off while I was in middle school. As I grew up I noticed that my hair would always break off in the back nape area. Also to mention my roots would also start to curl up or maybe my hair was growing that fast but it didn’t seem like my hair was holding the perm long. So I would keep getting braids or twist in and every now and then a sew in.

I went 6 months without a perm when I was in high school and my hair flourished. It was healthy even the back nape area was growing and strong but soon as I put that perm in it broke right off. It was probably a few more months and I had some life changes happen so I decided no more perms. I was moving away for college and didn’t trust just anyone with my hair because of the breakage I kept having.

Most importantly to me the reason why I went natural, I started to love myself more.  Like most of us who have had perms before when it was time for a perm again would get the comments, “girl you need a perm”, “you need to get your hair done”, and the worst “your hair nappy”. Now i dont know who amyone else felt but it made me feel like i wasnt pretty or good enough. I would get my haor straight to fit in but the older i got and started to come into my own woman. I looked at hair and it wasn’t me. I was going off of what someone else said was beautiful other than who I was as a person. Whether my hair was kinky or straight I should be able to look at myself and say I am beautiful. I couldn’t say that before I went natural but now with my hair natural I see the way I was meant to be and no one will tell me different, again. I know love myself more than I ever have because every time I look in the mirror I see myself the I was born to be and that’s my own type of beautiful.

Ever since I made this change my life has been amazingly blessed. I am my own person. I love myself on a new level. I have love all around me. And I now know my hair is apart of me not who I am.

So hope you enjoyed my story. What is anyone else story for why did you go natural? Leave it in the comments below.

Hair goal for 2016

Hello hope all is well and that your hair is just as nice.


My hair I has become a major part of my everyday routine. As of today my hair is at my armpit. My goal is to get my hair to my bra strap.  Additionally to my regimen there are a few other things that I will be adding and taking away.

1. I will be keeping my hair HEAT FREE
     I will not use any heat. I will air dry my hair and not straighten my hair.

2. Moisturise my hair EVERY NIGHT
   I use Cantu leave in conditioner, water, oil mix. I really make sure I put the oil on my ends. In efforts to make sure my hair stays moisturized. Because I have low porosity hair, my hair is prone to drying not to mention it’s harder for it to moisture the shaft. So the heat of my head and night helps aid in my hair receiving the moisture.

3. Deep condition at least ONCE A WEEK
     I use shea moisture dry and damage over night. Using the bag method, which is a shower cap over my head over night to insure my hair has been moisturized. If you have a hooded dryer you can use that, sit under the dryer for 20 mins. Then wash out and style.

4. PROTECTIVE STYLING as much as possible
     My go to protective style is 2 strand twist.

This is where my hair is now. (Excuse me I just got out the shower)


So with those steps hopefully I can achieve my goal by the end of the year. Anyone else have any new goals for their hair?

Ways to save money in this new year

So this year I am on a mission to save money in different ways. To see which way works with me better.

This first 52 week money challenge. You will just add what ever week it is of the week that amount to the savings totaling in 1378. This is going to be my primary goal to accomplish.


I would love to accomplish this 52 week challenge but I have to be a realistic with myself. So this will be for those who can afford to save more a monrh.


I want to save as much as I can. Being fresh out of school. I want to make sure I have an emergency fund and enough for my bills every month just in case I ever need it. So this year will be the year when I start getting financially stable and saving to me is the first step. It’s income tax time. So let’s all start the year off by saving for a better year. And you never know starting to save now may help when the holidays comes around.

Hair regimen for February

Since my hair is damaged and I have to admit that I have not been doing everything I am supposed to be doing with my hair. I notice during this last week of me Co washing and deep conditioning I realized that my hair would be dry in some spots before I even get out the shower. So I knew I had to do something quick because I have had this problem before when I first started really paying attention to my hair and taking care of it. So this is my regimen to keep hair moisturized.

-wash with clarify shampoo shea moisture dry and damage
-Hot oil treatment with honey, coconut oil, and olive oil


-prepoo with coconut oil
-cowash with shea moisture dry and damage conditioner
-deep condition with shea moisture dry and damage hair masque


-moisture hair everyday using Cantu leave in conditioner


The LOC Treatment that I will use every time I wash or condition my hair is water, oil mix, Cantu leave in conditioner.


This was my first regimen I every had and it helped me grow my hair when I first started. So now that I have damaged hair it’s time to heal my hair and this will.

So continue on this journey with me and if you have a regimen put it in the comment section maybe you could help me as I hope this will help you.

New Natural Hair journey begins

I have been natural for a while now. My last perm was actually was on thanksgiving 2011. I didn’t big Chop, I slowly transitioned by trimming my ends. I am weird about not being able to put my hair in a ponytail so that’s why I transitioned by trimming my ends instead.

So let’s fast forward……

I recently got my hair colored and silk pressed and it didn’t go perfectly.  My hair in some places became heat damaged. Only in the front and that is where my curls are looser than in the back.


My bangs is part of the issue…

So I now want to get my hair back and now I am starting a new regimen. I know that I will eventually have to cut the damaged part off and it may happen sooner than later.

My hair goal for this year is to get my hair to bra strap length right now I am at armpit length  fingers crossed. I will keep you posted.

Chat with you soon and continue on this journey with me. If you already have a regimen post it in the comments I would love to read it.